Tomoe River Paper Review


A few weeks ago Brad Dowdy (The Pen Addict) mentioned a type of paper called Tomoe River on The Pen Addict podcast. Intrigued, I headed over to Nanami Paper and bought a pad of 100 sheets. I think my reaction when it arrived was the same as Brad’s. The first surprise came when I opened to cover to reveal this super thin paper that feels like cheap newsprint. The second surprise was when I made the first stroke with my pen. The ink just sat right within the boundaries of my stroke and didn't dare to venture out to areas of the paper not touched by my nib. No. bleed. whatsoever. Even as it slowly sinks into the paper, it retains the line. Where does the ink go? It seems physically impossible for a bead of ink to sit on top of paper, be absorbed and not spread out. It’s really fun to watch. I’ve spent a few days with this paper now and I look forward to exploring further how well it handles other tools/inks and what advantages it has for hand lettering. Thanks, Brad, for pointing it out!

The sample above was written with my new TWSBI Diamond 580 with a 1.1 stub nib. More on that soon. I filled it with a beautiful red-orange(Fuyu-gaki) Pilot Iroshizuku ink.