Review: Kuretake Watercolor Brush Pen - Pocket Set


The fine folks at JetPens recently sent me a Kuretake Watercolor Brush Pen Pocket Set. The set includes a watercolor palette of 12 colors, a portable water bottle, a compact water brush, 3 sheets of watercolor paper and a carrying case. I’ve spent a little over a week with it and its a really great travel kit.


The palette is exactly like a CD jewel case only smaller (4.75 in. square). I never thought I’d say this about a watercolor set, but it’s just adorable. When open, the lid of the palette works well for mixing colors. Be careful though, there’s no lip on the hinge side so if it gets tilted, all your puddles of mixed colors will run off the edge. I found this out the hard way.



The brush holds water in it’s handle allowing you to squeeze it anytime you need more water. I’ve found this also eliminates the need for a container of water for rinsing your brush. It cleverly comes apart and tucks into itself protecting the bristles and makeing it a bit more portable. I can't believe how much I like this brush. It has a really nice fine point that snaps right back into shape after lifting off the paper. I was able to do some relatively small and detailed lettering with it. Normally, with a brush this small, you’d run out of paint fairly quickly. But because it has a continuos flow of water supplying the bristles, you can paint longer and create nice washes by just squeezing out more water when needed.

I even love the design of the water bottle. the bottom compresses like an accordion and it has two indentations for your fingers allowing you to squeeze it to draw in water and squirt it into your brush. A full water bottle will fill the brush handle 6 times.


Everything packs nicely into the handy carrying case. The case includes a zipper pouch for the water bottle and brush. it it attaches to the middle of the case with velcro and can be removed. With the pouch removed, the case opens flat and can hold your paper on the left and the palette under a elastic band on the right for a nice self-contained set-up.


So far, I’ve only used this set indoors. While it’s perfectly good for that, I look forward to using it for what it’s really made for; painting outdoors… on vacation… on a beach… ahhh…

(JetPens is an advertiser on 26symbols and I received this product at no charge)